Singer/Songwriter/Multi Instrumentalist for $1000

In Arrangements 100% Guarantee By Babs Fraser

Singer/Songwriter/Multi Instrumentalist for $1000

Present a small melody and I will fill out the rest. Present a couple of lines of lyrics and I will do the rest. Suggest a title for a song and I will do the rest.
Full production services.
1000 dollars a track
I have full master recording facilities on hand.
I have been rated out of 100000 studios world wide as being the best.
I have produced and developed songwriters/performers to 10th best songwriters in the world, hit documentary status and stadium quality performers..
I have had many students. Over a thousand.
I will bring to life your ideas including your brain storming.
All instruments considered so please list if possible.
I produce all vocals including harmonies tight or loose, please specify. We will work closely so as you have always the last say until you are fully satisfied with no extra costs added.
Full training given if you wish to follow the same paths as my students or my services, so, that you too can be in the business of full production services. I have even trained dogs to howl along etc... as is in the example given with this advert.
The process is varied depending on the beginning of project and interactions.
Instalment plans available.

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