Violin/fiddle on your song for $110

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Violin/fiddle on your song for $110

Every project is unique. I'm happy to read and record parts already written, develop parts that bring a client’s rough sketches to life, or create parts from scratch. Clients and engineers appreciate my ability to consistently play in tune, to set the mood through dynamics and tone colors, and my sensitivity to phrasing and blending, complementing vocal lines and other instruments with carefully matched vibrato, articulation, and stylistic flavors. I look forward to hearing your project!

“A very talented and diverse performer. Excellent communication and great turn around time. Perfect performance for my track." - Eric T.

“Melodic, tuneful, soaring, emotional, rumpus, and fun! These are just a few of the ways that Laurel Thomsen helped sculpt and lift every song she played on. Her deft touch and ear added to the meaning and meaningfulness of every song. Laurel has a gift for music. I highly recommend Laurel for any musical project that you even think might sound good with violin, viola, or fiddle.” ~Kevin Michael Smith, singer-songwriter.

A bit more about me:
Dubbed the “Hookmeister” by one California Bay Area recording engineer, Laurel’s knack for framing the tone of an album and creating infectious melodies has saved more than one client’s song from the chopping block. Classically trained and a highly skilled sight reader, though also possessing an exceptional ear, the ability to improvise on the spot, and a mature emotional sensitivity, Laurel presents an attractive package for songwriters and bands looking to add string parts to an album.

Having recorded violin, viola, fiddle, and cello on dozens of albums since the early 2000s, she is frequently sought for her ability to add depth, emotion, and highlight all types of music. In 2015 and 2016 reviews, Canada’s premier music magazine, Penguin’s Eggs, recognized Laurel as “a terrific violinist and accompanist” with a “judicious” approach and “fascinating undertones and range.”

With a rich and expressive tone and an interpretive style that can both rock a solo or add backup texture or groove, she has performed on Pop, Folk, Rock, Blues, Country, Bluegrass, Celtic, Latin, Gypsy, Jazz, and Cabaret style tracks. Sample songs from some of the albums she has recorded on can be heard on her site or by request.

  • Americana
  • Folk
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Classical
  • Jazz

Make Me Come Alive

violin and harmony vocal arrangement and performance on a Rock track
  • Make Me Come Alive
  • Ransom of Love
  • Two in the Morning
  • Ghost Lovers Waltz
  • Glory in My Soul

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