Professional session cello recording for $100

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Professional session cello recording for $100

Hello! I'm Volodymyr, an accomplished cellist and arranger from Ukraine. I was working as a cellist in the L'viv Opera Studio Orchestra and Luhansk Philharmonic Orchestra. Additionally, I'm the founder and a member of the instrumental rock band ROCKOKO since 2012.

Over the span of 12 years in the music industry, I've actively participated in recording 6 music albums alongside Ukrainian artists. Additionally, I've engaged in more than 300 projects with artists from around the world. My live performances have taken me across 300 concerts in Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, and Germany.

What can you expect from my services?

I will serve as your personal cellist, playing from your sheet music OR offering my own improvisation (the latter is highly recommended, as my extensive composing experience will turn your song into a gem).

My cello equipped with high quality mic DPA4099 and pick-up with guitar processor, so you can get a traditional cello sound or something special and really heavy! (incl. reverb, octaver, distortion or overdrive!)
Additionally, I can record piano or violin.

So welcome! Let the music be your pilot!:)

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Can't Help Falling in Love - Anthem4

Cello multitrack
  • Can't Help Falling in Love - Anthem4
  • Worbey & Farrell - Telesto
  • Ava Maria Safai - Lifeboat
  • Pedro Silva - New Forms of Being
  • KLAZ - Follow the yellow rabbit

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