Cello Recordings for $50

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Cello Recordings for $50

Shelley is a professional cellist from Raleigh, NC. She has over 30 years of both classical and modern styles of music. As a young girl she was under the instruction of esteemed cellist Jonathan Kramer and participated in the Triangle Youth Philharmonic in Rtp, NC. As an independent cellist she has played for private groups, weddings, open air concerts and travelled with many quartets throughout the decades.
If you are looking for a cello part to be recorded or added into your production or score, keep her in mind for your next project! While she is multi-faceted in most of the classics, her most loved style is classic baroque. There is a certain awe found in the mysteriously haunting tones that she enjoys the most.
Studio setup includes a classic style cello, recording microphone and software, editor, transcription and sheet printing of her score. The $50 listing is for a basic 2-4 minute composition with two revisions included. If you are looking for additional services these can be negotiated with a personalized listing through this site.

Thank you for your consideration of service.

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