Killer Improv Cello for $150

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Killer Improv Cello for $150

I have been a professional recording cellist for the last five years, atop 25 total years playing the instrument. Like most pros, I deliver impeccable tone, rhythm, intonation, and phrasing. Unlike most, my projects have extremely good stacking of parts and arrangements to make your modern mix shine. I have also traveled much further down the road of jazz improv than almost any other cellist. So here you get exactly what you're looking for - but better, because there's a unique and innovative shine to each project.

The price quoted is to make your song great, however many tracks that is. Every track you get will be labelled properly, be gain staged properly, and have no technical issues of any kind. I typically don't have any need for revisions for this reason and because I tend to over-send. However, the goal is for you to be happy, so if there is something that needs a different idea I'm always happy to add that.

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  • Jazz
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Americana
  • CCM
  • Neo soul


Jazz Cello Duo
  • Misty
  • Portishead - Roads

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