rock fiddle for $85

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rock fiddle for $85

I’ve always enjoyed helping people with their records. I’ve been doing it for 20 years now, and played the fiddle for 30 years. I’ve got my own sound, and it works well with rock oriented grooves and other styles where you might not expect to hear a fiddle (please listen to the whole clip :) I’m also proficient in Celtic styles and genres more aligned with country. I can swing and get jazzy.

I play a 200 year old French violin. I work in Logic with an AKG Perception 200 microphone and an Audient id14 interface. Much of the fiddle you hear in the audio clip here was recorded in my own studio. It’s a good sounding room with total isolation from ambient sounds.

What you get for $85:
4 full passes thorough the song including solos if needed and up to 3 revisions
I’m willing to lower the rate if hired for more than 3 songs.
I can work under tight deadlines if necessary


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