Swingin Socks Music studio is offering a full range of services to fulfill all of your music production needs! Our team of award-winning musicians will compose, record and mix any of your musical needs in a variety of genres for a variety medias.

We specialize in producing folklore and traditional fusion music that draws inspiration from "people's music" of various rural and urban traditional music cultures including but not limited to Indian music, Arabic music, West-African music, Balkan music and more.

We believe quality scoring and sound design for film, media and theater relies not only on the compositional skills or audio production experience of the composer,
but a lot on his sensibility, sensitivity and understanding of human nature and behavior. To be able to capture the essence of a scene or of a character and cleverly manipulate the audience's emotional response to it takes social and emotional skills in combination with experience and knowledge in musical composition and audio design.

We're passionate about telling stories through music and translating emotions into sounds.