Coran "Spardakis Henley. Touring Drummer, Producer, Mix Engineer Based in nashville, TN. Jazz, Rock, Pop, RnB, Hip Hop, Country, you name. We can do it all. Drum tracks recorded with care, precision, and top quality. Production and Mixing meeting industry standards. This is a one stop shop for your musical needs. For Drum tracks you will receive a folder of RAW (unmixed) multitrack wav files for 1 song via google drive or dropbox upon completion of the session. Any revision requests will be made happily! For Production you will receive a High Resolution 2mix of the song and upon request individual stems can be sent with additional fee via google drive or dropbox. For Mixing, client will be asked to provide individual stems to be mixed. Reference mixes are welcomed. Upon completion client will receive final 2mix for mastering. Any revision requests will be made happily!