Hi! My name is Chase.

About Me:
I've been playing guitar for 12 years, predominantly in the rock/metal arena, but I have branched beyond to hip-hop/rap & electronica collaborations as well. Part of the recent collaborations (that can be heard in my own music samples) has to do with my ability to fuse powerful guitar-made ambience and various VSTs with polyrhythmic or “standard” metal/rock. I love to create large, epic music that envelopes the listener, regardless of how it’s achieved, and I believe I am qualified to help you achieve it as well. I can also assist in playing distorted/gritty tracks for hip-hop, rap, electronica, rock, and pop.

I have a fully furnished recording studio and equipment that enable to travel and record, or do it at home…
- Agile 9 String Guitar (Septor 930)
- Agile 8 String Guitar (Intrepid 828)
- Agile 7 String Guitar (Septor 730)
- Schecter 7 String Hybrid Guitar
- Schecter Custom 5 Bass (5 string)
- Axe-Fx Mark II
- Engl Powerball II Amp Head
- Krank Krankenstein+ Cabinet
- Ableton Suite (9.7)
- Focusrite 18i20 Interface
- Shure SM57 Microphone
- Audix i5 Microphone