I'm a classically trained pianist, keyboardist, arranger and a composer who specializes in orchestral, piano and ballad arrangements, but I've worked within many different genres - blues, funk, jazz, hip-hop, you name it.

Whether you only need a piano accompaniment, string, brass or woodwind section, or a full orchestral arrangement, I'd love to hear your songs and ideas!

I'm always using the best and most epic sounding professional VSTs such as:
Spitfire Audio — Albion series
Orchestral Tools - METROPOLIS ARK 1, 2, 3
Symphobia 1 & 2
Berlin Woodwinds, Berlin Brass, Berlin Strings, Berlin Percussion
Soloists Series - Nocturne Violin and Nocturne Cello
Spectrasonics - Keyscape - Collector Keyboards
Synthogy - Ivory II Grand Piano‎s
and many more...