Hello! My name is Nate, I am a producer, singer/songwriter and I’ve been recording my own music (as well as others) for a few years now. In high school I founded a hardcore/metal band (All For Thee Above), and later on I became a drummer for a small punk band. I was a worship leader at my church for about 5 years as well as helped with the sound quality there. I’ve been playing guitar since I was 5. I took lessons from my classically trained mother as well as lessons from Shenandoah college. Eventually I started to teach guitar when I was in middle school. I pick up the bass and learned to play sometime along the way, I have been playing drums since I was 10 (took lessons for a year), piano since I was 13 (self taught), and because of studying AP music theory in high school, I have been able to pick up other instruments here and there. Also, along side of taking music theory in high school I sang in mens choir, concert choir, jazz choir, and was the first tenor in a barber shop quartet.

Right now I have my own solo music project called “Nation Haven”. Ive been told the music I create is “genre bending” (which I take as a serious compliment!!). If you asked me how to describe my music I would call it “Acoustic(ish) Pop/Rock with a cinematic twist”. Feel free to check me out on your streaming platform of choice!

All of this experience in music over the course of my life has brought me to a point of wanting to help others see their musical vision come to live through the art of sound recording. As an artist my self, I understand the need for a safe place for artists/musicians to be able to experiment, be themselves, make mistakes, and grow. I want to provide that for you, as well as top notch sound quality so you can walk away feeling proud and satisfied of your work.

Feel free to connect me at anytime and I’d LOVE to talk with you about how I can best serve you and your vision for your musical masterpiece.