Paul Gadbois is a professional guitarist, composer, engineer, and producer with over 35 years of experience in the music industry. At the tender age of 5 he asked his parents to buy him his first guitar, and before his 6th birthday he started his first band with his next door neighbors. It wasn’t long before his band was playing school assemblies, private parties, and family gatherings.

By the time Paul was in Junior High School he was playing professionally at school dances, weddings, and private parties in local cover bands like The Two of Us and Company and Whistler.

During his high school years, his band Whistler signed with the DMR booking agency in upstate New York where they where they were booked weekly performing at Colleges and Nightclubs all across the New York State area. As a student of music, Paul was also a member of the Liverpool High School Concert Choral, and the featured guitarist in the Liverpool High School Rock Ensemble. Paul has also formally studied guitar under the tutelage of jazz guitar maestros such as Sal Salvador, Carl Mano and Dr. Joe Jewel.

In 1978 Paul moved to Los Angeles California, where his professional music career began to blossom. He spent 17 years in Southern California recording studios, nightclubs, and concert venues developing his craft as a guitarist, bassist, and a producer/engineer.

During his time in LA he had the privilege of performing and/or working with many jazz, pop and rock icons including Morgana King, Amy Grant, Jermaine Jackson, Los Lobos, Wilson Phillips, Spencer Davis, Terry Nunn (Berlin), Eric Martin (Mr. Big), Jeanette Jurado (Expose'), Ed Cassidy (Spirit), Greg Reeves, Rick Jagger, Tuesday Knight, Joe Delia, Ron Peters, Group Du Jour, Main Street, 315, Neal Larson, and Buzzy Fieten, just to name a few.

In 1990, Paul landed his first job as a staff composer where he produced music that appeared on several video games for companies such as Interactive Designs, Sega of America, and Electronic Arts. He also held leadership positions where he was responsible for managing the music and sound design departments for companies such as Sega of America (Music Director), and Williams Bally Midway (Sound Department Manager). During his time at Sega, Paul became the first composer in the video game segment of the entertainment industry to become a full voting member of N.A.R.A.S. (The Grammy Awards).

In 1995 Paul moved to Chicago to continue his music career as a solo artist, and producer/engineer. As a MusiFex Records recording artist, Paul has released two solo CD’s entitled “Sunny”, and “Natures Groove”. He also holds credits for performing on, arranging, engineering and producing the debut CD for MusiFex recording artist Kubis.

In 2004 Paul has joined forces with veteran Chicago keyboardist Tommy Lathan to form the MusiFex recording group Rivers Edge who’s 2010 debut CD entitled “The Sweet Life” is in stores and has received significant airplay on several smooth jazz radio stations in North America and Europe.

In 2011 Paul formed FourScore, a Jazz Quartet with veteran artists Kerry Davis, Rodney Harmon, and Edward "Bamm Bamm" Baker. FourScore is currently playing live shows in the Chicago area and working in MuseLair Studio on their debut CD.