A guitarist since his teens, Max soon started writing and producing records in Parisian recording studios. But as he found it difficult to convey precisely to co-producers and engineers the intricate sound he was after, he decided to become a sound engineer himself so he could carve the exact sound he had in mind, every time.

A few years later, after owning his first recording studio in California, he attended "The Recording Workshop" sound engineering school to complete his knowledge and acquire the solid foundations he felt were necessary to deliver an optimal sound every time.

He then opened his second recording studio in Paris. Around that time, the first French music publisher "Musicom" needed a sound engineering book. Max then co-wrote "The Sound Book" with his friend Michel Sigwalt, which brought professional recording and mixing techniques at the level of project-studio or home-studio owners.

"I've been very lucky to work so far with very talented songwriters, music producers, players and singers. Assisting them in their craft and mixing for them authentic and polished tunes has been a pleasure of every minute." Max' passion for music is always visible in or out of the studio. He will be heard saying, "Similarly to the big names in the industry, I cannot imagine one day without being in the studio or at least working with sound in one way or another."