Raw Artist SLM- Lyricist * Storyteller (POP/ROCK /R&B SOul) ANY Genre for $200

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Raw Artist SLM- Lyricist * Storyteller (POP/ROCK /R&B SOul) ANY Genre for $200

Hello there fellow artist! No matter where you may be on your journey with the creation of your song, allow me to step in and assist you into lyrical bliss & take the pressure off! Songwriting is where my heart is at. I have been writing for 11 years + and it's been something I've been able to feel into and bring to life when I feel called to do so. I listen, sing, and love a variety of music, so I'm open to any genre's/ moods as far as my writing process goes.

I'm able to take the listener on a deep/ raw journey lyrically or maybe they need to feel a brighter day! Wherever your idea is at on the large scale, I am ready to take it there & make the connection!

What an amazing gift to come together for this! If you have no lyrics & need a full song or some written, I'm able to include your ideas/ work with wherever you're at. I'm here to listen to your wishes and bring it to life!

I have 2 original songs myself that are completed if you would like to have a listen on my sound cloud for what I created for myself. I personally write from my deepest emotional experiences and real life so I'm very in tune with the emotional spirit. I've lived through/ seen & heard it all before so I go there!

I'm very musically inclined as well! I will be able to come up with other creative places within the song such as creative bridges, background lyrics, specific words the artist can hit on in certain placements keeping things fun/ interesting throughout the creative process. The options in the creative world are endless & will flow as it's meant to =)

In addition to payment, I ask that you credit me, SLM, as the songwriter.

Don't hesitate to send me a message with any questions.

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