Professional, Original & Custom Songwriting + demo for $75

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Professional, Original & Custom Songwriting + demo for $75
Hey there, I’m Joel or (Atom Age) and because I’m new on here I’m setting the price low! I find my musical inspiration in the likes of Ben Harper, Ben Folds, Elvis Presley, Green Day, Bob Marley, Pink Floyd and The Beatles—just to name a few. I have a knack for creating melodies that blend the essence of these diverse influences into something uniquely my own.

Acoustic guitar is my trusty companion in this musical journey. I love pouring my emotions and stories into every strum and lyric, allowing listeners to connect with the raw honesty of my compositions. And when the perfect instrumental already speaks to me, I dive into crafting powerful lyrics to complement the music.

From personal tales to capturing the world’s moments, my songwriting breaks down genre barriers and speaks to the heart of human experience. Join me as I explore the boundless realms of music, channeling my inspirations into songs that resonate and endure.

Gear & Studio:
I work with a professional setup in my home studio. My gear includes a Neumann U87 microphone, a Universal Audio Apollo interface, and a pair of Yamaha HS8 studio monitors. I also use a Macbook Pro with Logic Pro X as my primary DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).

Credits & Past Work:
I've had the privilege of collaborating with various artists and projects over the past few years. Some of my notable credits include producing a track for a local indie band that was featured on a popular radio station. I've also mixed and mastered an EP for a solo artist, which received positive reviews and was well-received by their fanbase.

When I embark on the journey of songwriting, it's like opening a door to my emotions and experiences. Inspiration often strikes unexpectedly, whether it's a fleeting feeling or a powerful event. I start by jotting down phrases, words, and even doodles that capture the essence of what I want to convey. These fragments slowly evolve into lyrics, each line carefully chosen to tell my story.

As I play around with my instrument of choice, which is guitar, I experiment with melodies that complement the lyrics. Chord progressions emerge, and I let my emotions guide the rhythm and tone of the music. There's something magical about finding the perfect harmony that resonates with the emotions I'm trying to express.


Please let me know if you'd like more information or if there's a specific aspect you'd like to delve deeper into!

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  • Christian

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