SONGWRITER-SINGER *Melody/Lyrics/Both* WITH VOCALS for $450

In Songwriters 100% Guarantee By Mina Joksimovic

SONGWRITER-SINGER *Melody/Lyrics/Both* WITH VOCALS for $450

Hi! Thank you for stopping by. Here's a bit about me and my service to help you decide if you want to work with me.

My name is Mina. I am a singer/songwriter/producer. I have a professional studio that is fully equipped. I also play piano for 17 years and I have a perfect pitch.

A recent song I wrote (melody, lyrics, voice) with one producer through AirGigs did really well and it's playing on radio-stations in Europe! It's called Run Away.

With this service I offer:
• Melody I will compose
• lyrics to the track you’ve provided
• Both if you like
•If you send me a beat, I can do a melody on it
• Studio recorded reference track with melody
PS: I can sing very low notes like Beyonce, Tony Braxton...

Microphones I use
My favorites:
Neumann U67
Neumann M149
Geffell 930 *and their tube mic*

I work on ProTools, Ableton, Logic, i have NEVE GENESYS mixer, converter weiss ADC2...

I also work with my father in our professional studio, he is one of the most successful and famous singers/songwriters/music producers in EUROPE. *You can check out his work if you like - you can find my other service here

  • Pop
  • Singer-Songwriter
  • EDM
  • House

Run Away

song I wrote and sang
  • Run Away

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