Professional Songwriting - Full Song, Melody, Lyrics or Topline for $119

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Professional Songwriting - Full Song, Melody, Lyrics or Topline for $119

Hi! My name is Gastón. I'm a professional musician from Argentina and AirGigs TOP RATED STUDIO PRO with over 180 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ reviews for vocal, production, songwriting and mixing gigs.

Send me your draft, your homemade recording of a song, even just a melody or lyrics, and I'll turn it into a professionally written song! I write, sing, and produce songs professionally for myself and anyone who needs them. Besides being a singer and songwriter, I play guitar and piano, and I have great VSTs to recreate whatever instruments are necessary. Apart from having my personal music project (Gato Loi, with + 200.000 plays on streaming services), I have worked as a professional songwriter for Warner signed artists, played massive shows as a guitarist, and have been an assistant producer for Grammy-nominated musicians.

Feel free to check out the "audio" section, where you'll find some examples of songs I've written for other clients.

You may be wondering how all this works, right? Well, there are different approaches, and here are a few:
- If you are a lyricist, looking for somebody to turn your poetry into music, I'll ask you for song references that you'd like your song to sound like. Considering those references, I'll analyze the harmonies, melodies, and rhythm that might best fit your song and I'll start by composing some ideas of different parts of the song with your lyrics in it. First, I'll send you a few ideas with only harmonies and rythm. Once we have that, we'll start playing with some melodies, and then, we'll gradually build your song from a couple of ideas to a finished piece and, if needed, produce the song to get a fully finished professional track.
- If you are a producer, looking for a topliner that can bring life to your track, I'll start by playing with some melodies over your track. Once we agree on the vocal melodies, I'll work on the lyrics based on your ideas or references, which can be as simple as "Love" or as complicated as "The story of two astronauts lost in space".
- If you're a songwriter, looking for a lyricist, just send me your song and let me know what is the message you're trying to transmit, and I'll do my best to capture that emotion into words that'll resonate with the audience.

If you require services beyond my songwriting services, such as production, vocals, or recording, tell me about your project and how I can help, through the 'Contact' button above.

I Can't Breathe - Kevin Whelan

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