Lyric writing; 30 years experience songwriting /performing. for $60

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Lyric writing; 30 years experience songwriting /performing. for $60

I will write lyrics to your song, using as my guide your demo with your intended vocal melody played or hummed by you as a guideline to structure for the lyric. I excel at thoughtful lyrics involving matters of the heart, life, loss. Writing songs since I was a child, my influences are artists such as Lennon/McCartney, Sarah McLachlan, Carole King, Radiohead, Joni Mitchell.

I've been composing music and writing songs since around the age of of 7. I formed my first band at 19, playing a mix of my own songs and some covers, and went on to join other bands as a vocalist, gaining stage experience around London, England, and Austin, Texas, with both others' bands and with my own songs as a solo performer.

I have fourteen years of performing experience, had one of my songs requested by an Austin, TX producer to use on another artist's album, have contributed backing vocals to other artists' albums and demos, have been selected for songwriter showcase shows, and while I no longer go onstage, I continue to write lyrics and music in my own work.

How many tracks? - I will write lyrics for 1 song of yours.

How many revisions? - I will do 5 revisions if there is anything you want to change or tweak.

  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Ambient
  • Soul
  • Folk
  • Pop-Rock
  • Rock

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