Professional Songwriting/Topline for $350

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Professional Songwriting/Topline for $350

Are you looking for someone to bring your song ideas to life? BMG Nashville holds some of my back catalogue and I've written extensively throughout my career for numerous projects, including Major Artists, Indie Artists, Theme songs for various charities, podcasts, & YouTube channels. I've worked alongside Grammy Award Winner Joe West (Keith Urban), Josh Kear (Carrie Underwood) & Bill Lefler ("Be Ok" Ingrid Michaelson). I love the creative process and am easy to work with and professional. Whether you want help finishing your lyrical ideas, or need some melody expertise - or you'd like me to take your idea and create your song from start to finish (Clear/Crisp Guitar Vocal included. - full production upon negotiation) I can take your project to the next level. Hit the link and let's chat about your project!
*All 3 songs on my sample medley were written 100% by myself*

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I'm Here Now/Riding in Cars with boys/Because I'm a woman

All 3 songs written/sung by Lisa McEwen
  • I'm Here Now/Riding in Cars with boys/Because I'm a woman

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