Need a songs? for $150

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Need a songs? for $150

For $150 I will create and send you one finished demo, lyric sheet and chord chart so the music is ready to be taken to the studio of your choice. This service can be used multiple times and the price can be discounted for bulk orders. ($600 for 5 songs) ($1000 for 10 songs) message me for details.

As mentioned, I work from a home studio set up and record through Logic Pro X through a Zoom R16. I records instruments through a collections of good mics including a T-Bone SCT100 and RØDE NT1-A and have plenty of experience writing and recording for other artists. My lyric writing has also been praised in various magazines and online reviews. Making music is a passion of mine and I look forward to hearing from you!

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Light, dreamy pop song for german group
  • Fhain
  • 12 Inch Alcoholics
  • Petit Fluer
  • Barbed Wire Eyelashes
  • Come on Aileen
  • Manc

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