Custom Songwriting (Topline + Lyrics) for $350

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Custom Songwriting (Topline + Lyrics) for $350

Hi, I'm Jennifer. I'm a professional pop, EDM, and folk singer/songwriter with a unique, breathy, and emotive voice. As an artist, I've been named an iHeartRadio Artist to Watch and my music has been featured on both radio/TV on Lightning 100/Nashville, JWAVE/Tokyo, Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, Fox Sports Radio, and the Ghost Whisperer.

I'd love to help you bring your track or song idea to life by creating melodies and lyrics that you love -- whether it be a demo for song pitching, a personalized gift, or more.

• Topline melody
• Custom lyrics
• Comped & tuned vocal reference track (lead, double, harmonies)*
• Typed lyric sheet

* Please note: Vocals are not to be used for commercial release without approval.

• $350
• 50% of writing/publishing

• I send vocals dry and unmixed, so you have the ultimate flexibility. If you would like me to do some vocal production work, just let me know and we can discuss pricing.
• This package includes songwriting to a previously provided track. If you would like me to write music/chords or build a track, let me know and we can discuss pricing.
• The above quotes are for songs 5 minutes or less and includes 2 revisions. Additional minor revisions will be $50/session and additional major revision pricing varies.
• 5-7 business day turnaround
• Vocals are to be used for demo, pitching, or personal use only. Approval is needed for commercial release of any kind.
• Please feel free to reach out for any custom pricing, i.e. lyric writing only, vocals only, music/chord writing, track building, etc.

I record everything in my home studio with the following:
• Logic Pro X
• Aston Spirit Mic
• Apogee One Interface
• Plug-ins/software include: Serum, Vocal Synth 2, Nectar 3, Neutron 3, Arcade, VocalAlign, Melodyne, Andares Autotune, and LABS

I'd love to discuss your project! Contact me for any questions.

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