Ghostwriting for $50

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Ghostwriting for $50

I am a songwriter offering the service of ghostwriting. Able to provide lyrics across a wide variety of genres. Original lyrics crafted in any style. Provide you with lyrics for that next hot rap verse, that recently produced soft pop ballad, or an industry competitive hip-hop hook. Over ten years of songwriting experience. I am a multi-instrumentalist. Your creative input is encouraged! My goal is to mold a specific vibe and storyline that is aligned with your artistic vision. Will provide lyrics typed on word document. Will provide demo recording of the completed verses and/or hook. Up to 3 revisions are included in this service.

I do not expect to be credited as author of the musical work.
Besides the dollar amount of the package, and payment for any additional services, I do not expect other monetary compensation for the musical work.

1 verse- $50
2 verses- $75
3 verses- $100
Hook- $50

  • Pop
  • Hip Hop
  • R&B
  • Electronic
  • EDM
  • Trap

Elevator Music

Original lyrics by Michael Berg
  • Elevator Music
  • Trap Bizza

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