Songwriting (Darker Topics) for $50

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Songwriting (Darker Topics) for $50

I love songwriting and have over 360 songs written from ages 12-present age of 18. They're all pretty darn good, and I'm only using some for my own project!

I can come up with lyrics very quickly and easily that also make sense. I specialize in darker themes (melancholic, gothic, grungy) and poetry-like style. When I say I write I WRITE! My best songs have taken up to an hour, while most of my songs only take ten minutes to write.

I am willing to write/co-write lyrics for other artists, as long as I'm credited for what I contributed.

Also, below I put a song of mine that I wrote in ten minutes as a sample.

Bruise (Not a Sad Song)

The title track to my latest EP, and an industrial-pop song inspired by mental recovery and overcoming depression and bullying.
  • Bruise (Not a Sad Song)

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