Songwriter, Co-writer, Top-Liner and More! for $350

In Songwriters 100% Guarantee By Erika Moret

Songwriter, Co-writer, Top-Liner and More! for $350

SERVICES (prices vary depending on full length song or hook)
-lead vocal and songwriting (lyrics/melody)
-lead vocal and songwriting (lyrics/melody) for hooks over beats
-just songwriting (lyrics/melody)

Full Songwriting : 50%
Co-Writes: 25%
Hooks: 20%

I will write lyrics and melodies for your song and record vocals if needed . I'm a professionally trained singer/songwriter. I use ProTools, a Manley Cardioid Reference Microphone and an Apollo 16 interface with a B2 bomber converter. I work efficiently and I'm dedicated to providing you with high quality work. If I cannot meet your needs, you will get a full refund.


Erika Moret: singer/songwriter
  • Crave
  • Dreaming In Color
  • Say Something
  • Anxiety

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