Top line / Songwriting for $250

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Top line / Songwriting for $250

I've worked with some of the best producers of our generation. I've written songs with Damon Thomas (Underdogs), Rodney Jerkins, Steve Morales, B. Cox, and Many more.

Specializing in any Top lines and Demos. I've written country, pop, R&B, HipHop hooks, and gospel for major artist. My credits consist of R&B singer Case ( Difficulty) , Dondria (Coat Tail), Jacob Latimore ( 2 long, love drug, remember me), Bridge Kelley ( Just playing , Single player game ), Tamar Braxton (Angels and Demons), Jovani ( Magic ), as well as international major artist.


Male Pop Record
  • Skin
  • 2 Long - Jacob Latimore
  • Call me Bae

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