Will write a song to your lyrics for $125

In Songwriters By Steven W Rodgers

Will write a song to your lyrics for $125

Will write a song of under 4 minutes to your lyrics. I have written hundreds of songs and six musicals over the past 25 years, primarily in the genres of modern Broadway/musical theatre, pop, rock, folk, jazz , blues, swing, and classical. My work has been performed across America, including New York City and Washington, DC

  • Blues
  • Folk
  • Musical theatre
  • Pop
  • Rock

Midnight Ride/Gimme That Address

A poignant ballad that segues into a rock number
  • Midnight Ride/Gimme That Address
  • Keeping Up With Royalty
  • Games We Used to Play
  • It's All Over
  • Song of the Suitor

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