Professional Lyricist - Full Song for $230

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Professional Lyricist - Full Song for $230

Whether you only have an idea and no music, lines you want to turn into verses or a great chorus melody but no lyrics for it yet, I can help you. Even if you have nothing at all yet but an idea, feel free to get in touch and we'll figure it out.

I have written over 100 songs and counting on various themes going from sweet, classic or edgy love songs, darker topics (murder ballads, trauma etc.), hope, time passing by, religion, leaving/finding a home and so on...

I wrote songs that made it onto Paste Magazine, PopMatters , curated Spotify Playlists, KEXP or BBC6.
Here are some press snippets among others:

"Stunning" PopDose
" heart-wrenching lyricist whose words cut to the bone" Bucket Full of Nails
"One hell of a songwriter" Global Texan Chronicles
"Stunningly sharp songwriting" Muses Magazine
"Thought-provoking and deeply impressive" Right Chord Music

Just send me a message to tell me where you stand and what you need. I'll get back to you quickly.

Demo can be included.

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