Lyrics re-written, or from scratch - from raw emotion for $25

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Lyrics re-written, or from scratch - from raw emotion for $25

I am not a known lyricist/vocalist, but I do write my own lyrics. Music is my therapy, it is a piece of me, and it always will be due to heavy exposure growing up. Mainly classical, but some rock, jazz, and lounge in the mix. Now, something could be said for writing a song that can be deemed a "marketable product", but I have never been one for that. I don't write songs to sell, I try to create something to help someone heal. That's what my songs are for, and I would hope it would help others.

If you have existing lyrics (with, or without music) that you are currently unhappy with, I will re-write them from a different perspective (mine), and hopefully with more conviction.

If you have music, but no lyrics, I can write the lyrics based on the feel of the music.

If you have neither music, nor lyrics, but would like something written from scratch, that will not be an issue.

Even if you look elsewhere, I hope you find that which you seek.

Examples of my works are under the AUDIO tab, just please excuse the quality of a couple of the tracks, they are rough demos. The focus is moreso on the lyrics.

***This is only for lyrics, not music, nor any vocals.*** I will do up to 2 revisions, and the style I write is rock oriented. Either a ballad like Jim Croce, something heavy like Phil Anselmo during his Pantera days, or something inbetween.

If you have any questions whatsoever, please do not hesitate to ask.


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