Alt/Rock Electric Guitar Tracks for $40

In Guitar 100% Guarantee By snyder6

Alt/Rock Electric Guitar Tracks for $40

-Hi! I am just getting started on AirGigs so i am offering cheap services, but I do have experience recording for professional TV/Film (see experience below).
-I will record high quality electric guitar for your song including 2 revisions.
-Can do lead & rhythm guitar
-Gear: Gibson Robot Flying V (496R & 500T pickups), Gibson SG Deluxe (modified for P-90 Sound), Gibson SG '61 Reissue ('57 classic pickups)
-Amplifier: Mesa Stiletto Trident 150 Watt Tube Amp
-Recording Pre's: Universal Audio LA-610 Pre/Compressor
-Mics: Royer 121 Ribbon Mic, Neumann TLM 193 condenser (my favorite), Sennheiser e906 dynamic mic, Shure SM57 dynamic mic. Distance mycis: Neumann TLM 102 (I have 2 of these if you want me to create a natural delay)
-Includes basic editing and equalizing (if desired).
-I can mic my amp any way you like if you have a specific sound in mind. I usually do a 4 mic setup (2 close, 2 far) to get a big stereo sound and some natural reverb. I can send you all of the tracks and you can choose which ones you want to use for the final mix.
Software: Pro Tools 10
-Credits: My recordings have been used in several TV/Film projects including Nitro Circus The Movie, Cable Girls (Netflix series), WWE (Baron Corbin's old theme song "Echoes"), internet ads for The Flash, Arrow and Hawaii-Five-0, Two Broke Girls, PGA Tour Network and Nascar Media Network.

We Used To Call This Home

Heavy, crunchy, driving guitars
  • We Used To Call This Home
  • Love Hate Fear Rage
  • Time To Man-Up!
  • This Man Should Be Selling Vacuums
  • It's Time To Bleed Awesomeness

1 Review

  1. Review By: rharkness Jun 3, 2019

    You are spot on again! I love it! You make great choices. It doesn't get in the way of the vocals. Colors it nicely while still driving it. Can't wait to hear the finished song.

  2. Review By: rharkness Jun 3, 2019

    Nailed it first time. Great playing for the song. Driving and filling appropriately where needed. Thanks loved what you did for the song. And pleasure to work with. Very accommodation.

  3. Review By: rharkness May 26, 2019

    Another great job! Thanks for helping to make this project sound so good!

  4. Review By: rharkness Apr 29, 2019

    Another song, another success. A pleasure to work with and great supporting rhythm track!

  5. Review By: rharkness Mar 6, 2019

    Second song I gave him and he nailed in it in a couple of takes. We will soon work together again. Really accommodating and listens to what you want.

  6. Review By: rharkness Mar 3, 2019

    Nailed it quick. He is a great bass player that's for sure. Has a good rock vibe.

  7. Review By: Muscimolo Oct 17, 2018

    This was a great experience! Very quick turn around, and excellent guitar tracks' quality. I actually got more than what I had asked for!
    If I'll need a guitar player in the future, I know who to contact!
    I highly recommend it! :-)