Professional Lead or Rhythm Guitar (electric or acoustic) for Your Music Recording for $100

In Guitar 100% Guarantee By Emily Zimmer

Professional Lead or Rhythm Guitar (electric or acoustic) for Your Music Recording for $100

Versatile, educated pro musician offering guitar tracks for your recording. I've toured and recorded internationally since 2002, and I have a Bachelor's Degree in Music. I look forward to bringing this experience and education to your music project. My specialties include rock, folk, R&B, pop, alternative, hard rock, country, and more.
I can read charts, standard notation, lead sheets, tabs, and the Nashville number system. I can also write a part to your specifications.
Friendly service at a reasonable price.

One order includes one part/audio track, discounts on additional tracks for same song.

Pro DAW (Presonus Studio One Professional), pro mics (Blue Mics). Toontrack EZ mix, effects, amp models

Gear List:
Gibson SG Standard 2008
Fender USA Telecaster 2001 with Seymour Duncan pickups
Fender MIM Stratocaster 2001 with Lace Sensor pickups
Washburn Dan Donegan Signature 6-string with Head Hunter pickups
Custom-Built double-humbucker strat
Alvarez AJ60SC (steel-string jumbo cutaway acoustic with electronics)
Hernandez Classical Guitar 1971 (nylon string)

Hughes & Kettner Edition Tube (1x12 2 Channel Combo, Celestion Speaker and Mesa Boogie Tubes)
Vox VT-40
Roland Bass Cube 30W 1x10

Unlabeled Peavey cab - 1970s? 2x10
Custom made 2x12 guitar cab with Celestion speakers

Emily Zimmer on Guitar Vol. 1

I play guitar on these tracks
  • Emily Zimmer on Guitar Vol. 1
  • Emily Zimmer on Both Guitar and Bass Vol. 1

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