Studio Bass and Acoustic Guitar Tracks - Southern Gospel, Country, Worship for $35

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Studio Bass and Acoustic Guitar Tracks - Southern Gospel, Country, Worship for $35

Hello, and thanks for taking the time to read this!

My name is Jordan and my number one priority is to deliver thoughtful, high-quality tracks to my customers. I strive to be even-keeled and not give a song too much or too little; as we say, "Find the sweet spot!". I have experience with electric guitar, keyboards, drums, programming, mandolin, mixing, engineering, live sound and vocal tuning; so I have a good understanding of the "whole" of a song and how to hear the big picture of a song as it is being tracked from start to finish.

I've been playing professionally for 15 years in studio (over 75 projects) and on tour in the US and Canada. My main genres are Country, Southern Gospel, Pop, Rock, CCM and Praise & Worship.

I use Guild, Taylor and Martin acoustics, mic'd through U87, 103, SM81, and Fishman pickups.
I use Fender 4 and 5-string Jazz and Dimension series basses through UA preamps.
I use a Fender tele for stuff that bites and a strat and hollowbody for more thick tones. Various pedals with Helix processing or tube amps.
I record in Pro Tools 12.

$35 for each full track. So one track of bass, an acoustic track, and a 2nd acoustic track (maybe capo'd high, etc) would be $105 total.
1 revision per track.

*all song samples notate instruments I played on each song

Get Ready - Southern Gospel

Electric, Acoustic, Bass
  • Get Ready - Southern Gospel
  • Walking On The Water - Southern Gospel
  • Only Jesus - CCM/Worship
  • He Saved Me Anyways - Southern Gospel
  • Here I Am (Majesty) - CCM/Worship
  • Labor Of Love - Southern Gospel
  • Silent Night - Country Christmas
  • Singin' With The Saints - Southern Gospel
  • We Believe - CCM/Worship
  • God Of The Storm - CCM
  • Just A Closer Walk - Gospel
  • Mourning To Dancing - Country
  • You Hold Me Now - CCM/Worship
  • My Revival - Pop
  • I Believe - Southern Gospel
  • Only You - Country
  • Shine - Southern Gospel
  • Wait On God - Country
  • Raining, Pouring - CCM
  • When Grandma Bowed Her Head - Country
  • Waiting In The Water - Country
  • Till The Shackles - Southern Gospel

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