Electric Rhythm, Lead, and Slide Guitar for $50

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Electric Rhythm, Lead, and Slide Guitar for $50

Very tasteful guitar for your next song. I specialize in Indie Rock and Ambient textures. My style is influenced by the music of Ryan Adams, Tom Petty, Dawes, Foo Fighters, etc. You can hear a lot of my work with the band Yosef from Nashville, TN.

For amps I own a Kemper profiling amp which gives me a ton of flexibility to get the exact tone for your song. I also own a Morgan AC20 Deluxe and have access to many other boutique amps to ensure you're getting the tone you need.

In addition to the great effects provided by the Kemper, I own a Strymon Timeline and Bigsky to cover all delay and reverb sounds, a Caroline Haymaker and Strymon Riverside for overdrive, and a Ola chorus.

All of the tracks you receive will be in stereo unless otherwise specified. You could opt also receive a direct input track for the greatest flexibility to you, this will however only provide you with mono amp signal. My goal is to make you satisfied and I will work with you to ensure your total satisfaction. This service is limited to 4 parts maximum, all of which will include 2 tracks (either Stereo L, Stereo R, or Mono and DI), which will be sent to you as WAV files.

Hopeless Friends

Rhythm, Lead, and Slide parts
  • Hopeless Friends
  • Easy Heartbreak

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  1. Review By: swagbot Sep 13, 2017

    Paul was awesome to work with, he took my notes and turned them into sonic gold. Great job!