Guitar, Bass and Ukelele for $75

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Guitar, Bass and Ukelele for $75

I can provide anything from acoustic rhythm guitar to electric lead in whatever style you require, as well as bass guitar and ukulele parts. Please contact me to discuss your project and specific needs.

Gear list:
1979 Gibson ES-347 (335)
1980 Gibson LP Firebrand
1980 Ibanez PF-350 (Les Paul)
1985 Fender Telecaster Thinline
1999 G&L Comanche (Strat)
2007 Carvin Bolt (Strat)
1983 Ovation Custom Balladeer
2008 Breedlove AD25/SR
2012 Squier Jazzmaster
Peavey Valve King 112
Roland Cube 80XL
Boss AD-2 Adaptive Distortion
Boss OD-3
BBE Boosta Grande
Zoom G1N
Behringer V-amp 2
Amplitube 4 (guitar amp simulation software)
Sterling Audio, Sennheiser, Samson and Shure mics

I use Cakewalk and Sony recording and sequencing software, depending on the needs of the project.


Original Composition (R&B Instrumental)
  • Sosumi
  • Cropduster

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