Session Guitarist, Mandolin, Bassist, and Songwriter Night Flight for $150

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Session Guitarist, Mandolin, Bassist, and Songwriter Night Flight for $150

I'm a session guitarist and multi-instrumentalist, I've been working in studios for close to 10 years as a freelance musician, producer, writer, and as a member of the band Night Flight.
I work out of a home studio but also have close links to larger professional studios that I can use if needed. I'm well studied in fingerpicking and acoustic playing, as well as electric and slide guitar, and electric bass - I also have experience playing and recording mandolin. The fee is set for 1 song on either acoustic, electric, mandolin, or bass guitar and includes 3 revisions (although my main priority is doing great work and I'm motivated to work with you on getting the track exactly where you want it).
I'm a songwriter first and foremost and my passion lies mostly in writing tasteful parts, that help with groove and bringing out the most emotion possible in your song, and I'm very happy to chat at great length about how we can work together to do that.
I have a wide range of instruments, electric guitars (strats, teles, 335, old silvertone, baritone etc.), a 1970 Fender Jazz Bass. I have a Martin D18 which sounds incredible, as well as a beautiful nylon strung guitar, and a vintage Gibson Mandolin. I exclusively use tube amps (no modellers), usually either a vintage Fender Champ or Deluxe Reverb, and try to get the best possible audio from the source and deliver you a crisp and high quality recording that's ready to slot into your track, or be further sculpted.

Imogen - Night Flight

A song I recorded and played bass and guitars on.
  • Imogen - Night Flight
  • Rabbit Hole - Night Flight
  • Drown - Trip Shivers
  • Canada - Night Flight
  • Dreaming - Night Flight
  • Bad Dudes - Holiday Oscar
  • I Cant Keep Checking My Phone - Holiday Oscar
  • Sweeter The Sound - The Empty House Band

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