Professional Guitar Tracking for $100

In Guitar 100% Guarantee By David Scott Rockower

Professional Guitar Tracking for $100

GORDON RAMSAY,, The WAHLBURGERS, DUCK DYNASTY, SUPERBOWL 50 and thousands more hit television shows have in 1 thing common: My guitar tracks!

Over 3000 national and beyond television placements.

Avid Pro Tools teacher
Taught over 8000 guitar lessons and clinics.

I will record acoustic and/or electric guitars for you and deliver you raw individual tracks for your session. Any genre. 35 years experience.

Guitars: Schecter Hellcat, Washburn n4, Seagull Acoustics, Us Masters Sportster (tele), Gretsch Dobro, Fender Strat (multiple), Rocco Rattlecaster (tele) Schecter C7 (7 string), Taylor Acoustics. (multiple) Gibson LP Studio.

Amps: Marshall, Fender, Vox.

Effects: Electro Harmonics, Vertex, Maxon, Keeley, Fulltone, Boss, and tons tons more!

Pre-Amps: BAE (api style), Heritage (Neve 1073 style), Focusrite ISA, Summit Audio (all tube class A)

Mics: SM 57s, Sennheiser 412s, Sennheiser e906, Geffell 308 (matched pair), AT 414, SE Voodoo Ribbon, JZ Mics Amethyst, ZJ Mics V67.

DI: While all of my pre amps provide an instrument level DI, I typically provide a DI for re-amping via a rupert neve RNDI.

Amp sims: Scuffham S Gear, Bias FX, Guitar Rig.

  • Americana
  • Neo soul
  • Rock
  • Pop-Rock
  • Country

Texas Holdem

Chicken Pickin'_Duck Dynasty Featured Track
  • Texas Holdem
  • Grampys Fixins
  • Speed Driver

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