Gypsy Jazz-Django, Rockabilly & Others Guitar Track for your artist or project. for $250

In Guitar By Fabrice Vignati

Gypsy Jazz-Django, Rockabilly & Others Guitar Track for your artist or project. for $250

For a musician, nothing is more important than passion for its expression. Technique and artistry can be learned but without passion, it is meaningless.

A native of France, Fabrice Vignati was (emphatically so) born with the passion to seek out the wellsprings of guitar music in all of its styles. From his early classical guitar training from the age of eight and Gypsy Jazz/Musette rhythm, he began, while a young man, exploring the work of Rock and Rockabilly guitarists and later venturing in the world of Jazz.

His early Guitar and Vocal influences were the likes of T. Bone Walker, Buddy Holly, Scotty Moore, Chuck Berry, BB.King, Jimi Hendrix, SRV and Brian Setzer. Lead Jazz guitarists such as Django Reinhardt and Charlie Christian soon followed in his sights. Fabrice lived in London then Brussels where he joined the music scene to grasp and live the spirit of the blues, rock and jazz genres, as well as meeting some of his heroes, not content to merely listen to their recorded and public performances.

Deciding to move to the U.S. Fabrice settled in Los Angeles. Here he has worked on different projects Django Reinhardt vocals & instrumentals style swing bands, blues and rock bands currently leading a Gypsy Jazz project Hot Club Vignati, a rockabilly band The Motor Cats and a unique Gypsybilly music project, The Vignatis. A Grammy voting member who takes great proud in his duty, he is exposed to all kind of music. As a session player, Fabrice is able to deliver tracks in his specialties like Gypsy Jazz, Rockabilly and blues but as well, many other different genre of music Pop, Jazz, Funk, Country, Bossa Nova to mention a few. Over the years, he carefully built a collection of guitars from Gretsch, Strat, Gibson 335 to jazz box and acoustic to bring to life the appropriate tone for those tracks. 1972 Fender , AER acoustic amp, Pod Pro, Rivera cabinet. Studio including iMac, Logic X, Apogee and an assortment of microphones.

His love for music is unconditional whether it is playing, listening, recording, writing, studying or producing for his own projects or the music of other artists. He agrees that music transcends time, space and color which contributes to the happiness of humankind. Those who know music and those who merely enjoy listening would do well to become part of his world.

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