PRO Session Guitar Tracks in 48 Hours or LESS for $130

In Guitar 100% Guarantee By Ace Connell

PRO Session Guitar Tracks in 48 Hours or LESS for $130

Need clean electric pop guitars? Rock leads and riffs? Gentle acoustic guitars? Stadium guitar solos? Country licks? Whatever you need, I have your style covered and will have it professionally played, recorded and back to you in under 48 hours!

Each guitar track costs $130 and includes:
- A professional guitar track in under 48 hours.
- Two free modifications.
- Cheap rate as it's by the project, not by the hour.
- Guitar parts played either from notation you provide or created by myself to suit the song.


Whether you have rough ideas, a guitar track of your own that you want re-recorded, a specific track from sheet music, a recording of yourself humming a guitar part or no idea at all, I can record high quality, professional guitar tracks that suit the song, whatever the style.

This is your song so if you have any ideas whatsoever, reference tracks to guitar parts in other songs you like or anything else, don't hesitate to let us know.

One I'm in receipt of your track, the fun begins. I have an industry standard studio complete with a diverse range of high quality guitars, amps, microphones, plugins and outboard equipment running through Apogee A/D convertors into a Pro Tools and Logic Pro setup.

The guitars I have in my studio include Fender Stratocasters and Telecasters, a Gibson ES-335, Les Paul Standard, Junior and Custom, a Martin D-28, a Taylor 414ce, a Gretsch 6120, a Rickenbacker 330, an Ibanez JEM FP-2 and various other guitars that I use if the sound of the song calls for it.

For electric guitar tracks, I'll always provide you with a 'mixed' version with effects that I feel will suit the mix, the recording from the amp with no effects and the raw direct input recording of the guitar so the producer can re-amp and apply effects if needed.

Dan Foster says it best when he says:
"As a producer it's vitally important to have a team of reliable professional musicians to call upon when needed. One of my most trusted session guys is Ace Connell on guitar. His natural ability on his instrument is only bettered by his talent in knowing how and where to place it in the music.

His equipment is top quality and very versatile. He is a quick learner and has a very conscientious ear. I would confidently recommend Ace to any musician, writer, engineer or producer."

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