LEAD/RHYTHM GUITAR (For songs up to 3 minutes in length) for $200

In Guitar By Aaron Cloutier

LEAD/RHYTHM GUITAR (For songs up to 3 minutes in length) for $200

Specializing in metal and rock lead and rhythm guitar with a focus in particular on harmonic minor based riffs and licks in the styles of Opeth, Lamb of God and Nile.

Also specializing in more straightforward pentatonic blues/rock style guitar in the vein of Clutch, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and many others.

In addition, I'm experienced with songwriting, arrangement, composition subject matter for lyric writing as well as experience in the rock, blues, singer-songwriter genres.

Gear: Schecter, Focusrite, Macbook Pro, Redwirez Impulse Responses, Toontrack, Positive Grid, Fortin Nameless Suite plugins and much more. (Inquire about full gear list)

Here's a testimonial from some recent clients Aaron's had the pleasure of working with.

“Aaron played for me guitar solos on two rock songs. He really took care of my specifications concerning the structure and mood of the pieces. He delivered a nearly perfect performance. And nearly perfect is nothing negative in this case because some little imperfections gave the performance the human touch that I wanted. The communication with Aaron was easy, friendly and fast. I recommend him for guitar jobs in the field of rock.”

-Jochen Lehnert-
Musician, Songwriter, Composer
Germany 1-24-17

"I highly recommend Aaron as a guitarist for hire. It was less than a week from the time he contacted me about playing on my song until I have the finished wave files in my DAW. His communications are polite and fast and he started sending me guitar takes the first day we made our agreement. The finished guitar part sounds great, fits the song, and matches my specifications for file type and playing style. Overall great transaction, 5 stars."

-Casey Reardon-
Guitarist, Songwriter: Hellstrom, 90s Thrash

I Am He

Extreme Metal song from my solo project Davola where I wrote and played everything.
  • I Am He
  • Chains

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