Guitar Production for $150

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Guitar Production for $150

My name is Mark Marshall. I'm a pro session and touring guitarist based in NYC. I've played guitar on many records, tv commercials, movies, musicals and concerts. I'm a well respected guitar teacher in NYC and I write for the Pro Audio Files and Premiere Guitar about guitar.

I'm currently in the band Fife & Drom. I have played with Levon Helm, Nicole Parker, Abby Ahmad, Peking Duk, Nation Beat, Elizabeth and the Catapult and a wide selection of other great artists. I'm also currently composing fir the TV Show American Pickers.

I can add guitar production to your song. When I'm sent a track to record on, it's never just one guitar overdub unless specified. I always flesh out a guitar arrangement. I've been producing for a number of years, so building an arrangement comes naturally.

I can play with a pick, finger-style, hybrid and all kinds of slide. I do all things guitar.

I have a large variety of guitars, amps and effects. If you don't see something ask.
Fender Tele x 2
Fender Strat x 2
Gibson Les Paul Standard (Humbuckers)
Gibson Melody Maker (with P 90's)
Gibson ES335 (Humbuckers)
1964 Guild Starfire III (Humbuckers)
Rickenbacker 360 12 string
1960 Harmony Startotone
National Resonator
National Lap Steel
Martin HD28
Martin HD35
Martin SPD16
Guild D25 12 string
Taylor 314 12 String
Takamine Bubinga
Vintage Nylon String Guitar (for low tunings)
Nylon String Guitar (Standard Tuning)
Indian Slide Guitar (from Calcutta with resonant strings. Sounds kinda like a sitar).

Victoria Tweed Pro (with 15" speaker)
Victoria Tweed Champ
Headstrong Lil King Reverb (Blackface Princeton circuit)
Carr Hammerhead
Ampeg V78 Head
Closed Back Cab with Celestial Greenback 25's
ZVex Nano Head
Dean Markley DMC 80
Gorilla small amp (bad that sounds good)
Roland Jazz Chorus 120

I have shelves of effects.

Real Tape echos, real spring reverbs, vintage fuzz, univibe, wah, overdrives, digital delay, tremolo, leslie, chorus, phaser, compressors, octaver, loopers... Ask if you're looking for something.

I use the UAD Apollo with dynamic and ribbon mics. I can get great modern and vintage sounds. I always include a DI guitar track with mics. This way, if the sound is not working but the performance is, we can reamp the track.

Feel free to ask for examples, there are many I can't post. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at and slide

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  1. Review By: pkjmusic Apr 26, 2017

    Another wonderful session with the guitar maestro!

  2. Review By: pkjmusic Jan 1, 2017

    Excellent guitar and drums brought our song come to life.

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  3. Review By: pkjmusic Dec 4, 2016

    Great performance as ever - very pleased.

  4. Review By: pkjmusic Nov 14, 2016

    Fast turnaround and a class performance. Very pleased.

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  5. Review By: Rymsha Jan 10, 2016

    Mark nailed the tone, style and overall feeling I was after. He supplied me with plenty of takes to comp into one master track. This is the second song Mark is doing for me and I am extremely happy about the results. Thanks!

  6. Review By: Rymsha Jul 15, 2015

    Great service, Speedy response and most importantly great licks and sound. You really gave my song that profile sound I needed. Everything I asked you delivered. Thanks!

  7. Review By: kriskl Jun 9, 2015

    thanks for working overtime to deliver the best