Studio Guitar Tracking/Slide Guitar/Ambient Guitar Soundscaping for $150

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Studio Guitar Tracking/Slide Guitar/Ambient Guitar Soundscaping for $150

Session guitarist for multiple records at Arch Audio Recording Studio in Chattanooga, TN. Has worked in studio with: Jason Foster, Chuck Harris, Chris Grahm, Tim Newton, Jared White, Greg Walton, Tyler Reddick, among others.

I play to serve the song. The needs of the song will dictate how many layers I add, as well as what type of layers I add. I will send track stems out after they have been fully edited (unless specified to do otherwise). Up to 2 revisions are available with this service. Average turn around 1-2 weeks unless stated otherwise.

Fender Custom Shop Telecaster '51 Relic
Nash S62
PRS Custom 22 2006
Gibson Les Paul DC 90's (50's Wired)
Gibson Les Paul Studio with Alnico II
Various other Fender Strats
Gibson L-00
Guild D-55
Taylor 614 CE
Taylor Koa 12 String
Seagull Parlor Guitar
Guild D-25
Admar Mendez Barbizan Nylon
Music Man Stingray Bass
Fender P Bass

Fender Twin 65 Black Face
Bad Cat Cub iii
UAD Digital Amp Modelers

Recording Rig: iMac wit Pro Tools,

Pre Amps include: API 3124MB+ Analog Pre, UAD 4-710 Analog Pre, UAD Apollo Digital Pres, UAD Plugins Digital Pre Models
Mics: Royer 121, Neumann U87, Telefunken ELAM260, MD421

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