Pro Guitar Solo for $40

In Guitar 100% Guarantee By Micke Nilsson

Pro Guitar Solo for $40

1st buy is free if it doesn't suit you when done.

One track solo guitar 40$

My heart lays with Rock/Hard Rock. That's what got me started, but for the past 30 years I've played most styles and love them all. I love music!

When you hire me, you can be sure of that you get guitar tracks that suits the song. I try to help the song, and that's my main target. As said, I've played most styles for a long time and I put great energy in to serve the song with the soul and feel it deserves.

Solo guitars are one track in mono but can be recorded as two stereo tracks depending on what the song needs. I manage most styles of music to solo on. And I professionally serve the song.

Electric guitars
Acoustic steel string guitars
Acoustic nylon string guitars
Dobro style guitars

I've been a professional guitarist for 30 years and play most styles. I've jumped in for numerous artists here in Sweden and I've freelanced the studios as a session guy both IRL and online/distance work, besides having my own studio all these years.

  • Country
  • Funk
  • Hard Rock
  • Pop-Rock
  • Pop

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