Radio & Album Ready, Full Service/Produced Guitar Tracks. All genres and styles for $125

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Radio & Album Ready, Full Service/Produced Guitar Tracks. All genres and styles for $125

I'm a Los Angeles based professional musician with many years of studio and production experience. I'm a founding member of the Brian Buckley Band, have credits in film/TV and theater and have been a live and studio musician for over 20 years.

I maintain a full service remote guitar tracking studio, full of incredible and musical gear (see list below). I have proficient experience in all styles of music and deliver radio and album ready produced stems that you can drop right into your project. I'm happy to offer multiple revisions, so that we can optimize our time and make your song the best it can be.

In addition to guitar overdubs, I offer scoring, soundtrack and instrumental production and engineering. If you have an idea that's out of the box, feel free to always ask!

Here are some of the pieces of gear available in my studio:

- '76 Marshall JMP
- Komet 29
- Matchless 'Sampson Era' Clubman
- Ebo Customs Preamp & outboard tube reverb unit

- Tyler Studio Elite Retro
- Danocaster Double Cut
- Gibson SG w/Vibrola
- Montuoro Custom (Paul Languedoc style) Hollowbody
- '83 Greco Black Beauty Les Paul
- '64 Gibson LG-0 Acoustic (fantastic tracking acoustic)

*** I've got MANY, probably too many effects for any tone, sound design or moment. Needless to say, your tones are 100% covered here. Professionally wired pedalboards from LA SOUND DESIGN. ***

- Logic Pro X
- Apogee Element Series
- MANY plugins, including Soundtoys suite, Valhalla, Brainworx, WAVES... etc... Again, I've got you covered with anything you might have in mind.

Some of the Artist Relationships I currently have: Apogee, RME, Ernie Ball, Two Rock Amplification, Komet Amplification, Vemuram Custom Pedals, XTS/XacTone, Shin-ei, 3rd Power Amplification, Line6, Analogman, Supro/Pigtronix, and Xotic Effects.

  • Ambient
  • Americana
  • Blues
  • Broadway
  • Folk
  • Rock

Komet 29

Full production example, a demo delivered for the Komet 29 amplifier.
  • Komet 29
  • Particularly Dizzy

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