Guitar Session Recording for $125


Guitar Session Recording for $125

I'm Miguel Camilo, from Portugal.
I'm a professional guitarist, playing live and making studio sessions since 1996.
I've been working along some of the best musicians and for some of the major artists here in Portugal.
Also did a lot of live TV Shows as a guitar player, like "Idols" (Portuguese Version), "Uma Canção para ti" from 2008 to 2015 and also doing arrangements and recording for "Factor X" (Portuguese Version).

I'm offering my servives as a Session player for electric and Acoustic (steel and nylon) and i have all the conditions here at MCSound Studios to deliver very good results. Different guitars and amps for different sounds and world class gear to record (mics, preamps, converters).

I use Duesenberg, Prs, Fender, Guild, Taylor, Ramirez (Nylon) and Custom Tele Guitar.
Fender and Mesa Boogie Amps

Microphones used:
Neumann, Gefell, Schoeps, Sontronics and Senheiser microphones
Preamps used:
Neve, Api, Phoenix Audio, Kahayan Audio, Amek and TLA (Valve Classics)
Converters used:
Crane Song and Apogee Converters.

The listed price is for each instrument session (Electric, Steel or Nylon) and includes the studio time fee.

I will send clean, edited tracks so you just have to mix into your song. i will send also a rough mix with all the guitar parts so you get an ideia before you mix.

I also have Producing, Arranging , Mix and Master Services here at MCSound Studios. Feel free to check my other services in my studio's main page.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you
Miguel Camilo

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