Professional Guitar Tracks For Your Recording for $150

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Professional Guitar Tracks For Your Recording for $150

Need guitars for your music? I will record them for you in my full service professional studio!

Wether you have a strong vision for what you want, or you're not sure and would like guidance with writing guitar parts for your track, I will provide you with what you need to add killer guitars to your music.

Receive professional quality files to add to your music, played by a professional guitarist/multi instrumentalist whose credits include Broadway shows (Come From Away), popular artists (Ron Pope, Dave Monks (Tokyo Police Club)), and corporate clients (AT&T, LP24 Audio).

Everything is recorded on state of the art studio equipment, including recording gear by Neumann, Royer, Universal Audio and more, as well as acoustic and electric guitars by Martin & Co., Gibson, Fender, Fano and Collings. A variety of pedals, amps and mics by the best in the business will ensure that the tracks you receive will not only be pristinely recorded, but will also be uniquely crafted to fit your song perfectly.

Want something in the guitar family that isn't a guitar? In addition to acoustic and electric guitars, I also offer a variety of guitar-family instruments, including lap and pedal steel, banjo, mandolin and more.

This service includes up to 3 separate guitar parts for your song, for example, a lead, rhythm and 'other' part. You will receive either a mono or stereo track per part, already edited to the best takes, at 48k/24 wav (unless otherwise specified).

If you would like to have more control, ie. separate left and right channels for stereo parts, alternative takes etc., please let me know and I will accommodate. Please note this may affect the base price depending on the request.

Whatever you can imagine, let's find a way to make it happen! This isn't just about getting a guitar track. It's about working with a professional whose goal is to help you find the exact thing your music needs, and then provide it for you at the highest level and quality.

Let's make some music!

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Nate Lueck Guitar Reel

A selection of tracks with guitar performances produced by Nate Lueck
  • Nate Lueck Guitar Reel

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