Complete recorded guitar package - Acoustic/Electric/Pedal Steel/Bass. Vocals Also Available. for $99

In Guitar 100% Guarantee By Ben Smith

Complete recorded guitar package - Acoustic/Electric/Pedal Steel/Bass. Vocals Also Available. for $99

COMPLETE PACKAGE OF GUITARS - ACOUSTIC/ELECTRIC/PEDAL STEEL/BASS GUITAR/DOUBLE BASS FOR $150 (Price is for up to 3 instruments/parts per song) Backing Vocals Also Available)

A full package of guitar or bass tracks/parts for your song:

Acoustic Guitar Rhythm/Lead
Electric Guitar Rhythm/lead
Lead/Hook Lines
Slide guitar
Pedal Steel Guitar
Nashville/Hi Strung guitar
Bass Guitar
Double Bass
Ripping solos if required. ;-)

I specialise in Roots/Folk genres (Country, Jazz, Blues, Rock n Roll, Soul, Bluegrass, etc.) but am also experienced and proficient in Pop and Rock.

I work with you to find the tones and parts your song needs. My background in audio engineering and production will bring your song to life with great sounding, professionally recorded parts at any sample/bit rate. I am also very happy to re-record parts etc that you have already demoed if needed.

I've worked as a professional musician for over 25 years, touring the world both as an artist and a sideman, and working in high profile studios across the UK and in Nashville.

Acoustic Guitars:

Auden Emily Rose (Parlour)
Auden Julia (00 Size)
David Antony Reid Gent (Parlour)
Auden Nylon String
Vintage V880N (Parlour, Nashville tuning)
Auden 12 String

Electric Guitars:

Gordon Smith GS160 (Les Paul Jnr. style)
Fender Telecaster
Fender Stratocaster
Frank Brothers Signature Model (ES-335 Style)
Washburn HH (Les Paul Style)
Macpherson Custom
Rees Custom HH Hollowbody
Rees Custom 2 x P90 Solidbody
Rees Custom 2 x P90 Hollowbody

Williams Universal 12 Pedal Steel


Hamstead Artist 20RT x 2 (One with EL84's, one with 6V6's)
Fender Hot Rod DeVille
Ampeg B-15

Presonus Ampire (Amp/Effects Modelling)
Various other guitar related plugins

An extensive collection of pedals to experiment with if required.


Aston Spirit x 2
Aston Stealth
AKG C451 x 4
AKG D1200
Various others

If you need something not listed here please get in touch, as I can normally get hold of any gear I need relatively quickly.

  • Country
  • Folk
  • Rock
  • Funk
  • Blues

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