Professional Guitar Tracks for $200

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Professional Guitar Tracks for $200

I'm a professional guitarist/producer based in Nashville, TN with many years of experience playing all sort of styles. Before moving to Nashville, I was a guitar student at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. I'm confident I can provide whatever you're looking for, from subtle textures to soaring leads and everything in between. I'm fluent in all sorts of styles (rock, funk, blues, country, soul, r&b, disco, jam, punk, americana, experimental, surf, etc...), and am at home in almost any situation. For example, my current road gig is with a touring country artist, but I also am currently working on a disco project, a rock project, and my previous road gig was with a national reggae/jam act among many other things I've worked on. Most importantly, the song always comes first for me.

I have a wide array of gear that allows me to tailor my sound to fit your song. For guitars, I have three vintage Fenders (a strat, a tele, and a jazz master), a Gibson SG, a Heritage Prospect (essentially a gibson 335 clone), and a 60s Harmony Bobkat. I also have a Larivee D-03 acoustic.

For amps, I have a 1966 Fender Vibrolux Reverb, a Marshall JCM800, and a Valvetrain Bennington Reverb (a deluxe reverb clone). I also have a substantial array of pedals to get any sort of tone you would ever need (from super weird moogerfoogers to straight forward tube screamers).

I have two mics I use for guitars; a Sennheiser e609, and a Sennheiser MD 441-U.

My Interface is a UAD Apollo Twin that I run with Logic Pro X.

Should you need a specific type of amp or guitar that I don't have, I can always ask around to see if I can track one down (one of the perks of living in Nashville is that this is usually doable).

As a producer myself, I know what it's like to have a specific vision for your track and I will work with you until we get there! I love working on projects, and am psyched to work with you!

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  • Funk

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