Acoustic & Electric Guitar Overdub Recordings for $100

In Guitar 100% Guarantee By Tyler Jewell

Acoustic & Electric Guitar Overdub Recordings for $100

I've been in Nashville the last 12 years and have put together the perfect home rig for adding acoustic or electric to your project. In my tenure I've worked for artists from all different kinds of styles and have cultivated a great skill of being able to translate the artist's needs. Your song is my priority.

I price everything per track and it includes two revisions. I'll send you a short clip of some ideas so we can narrow down what you're going for the first time I send something. If this is outside your budget but you feel your project would be quick - reach out and we can see about cost alignment. Looking forward to working with you!

I have great microphone options for acoustics, and have several different amplifier/cabinet combos available as well. If you would like a dry signal of the amp to use your own impulse response, I can send that as well.

Acoustic:: $100 per track
Electric: $100 per track
Resonator: $100 per track
Mandolin: $100 per track

If I have to chart the song: +$10
Starting the track from scratch: +$50

I can usually turn around something within 1.5 weeks depending on how busy I am, but in these COVID times, my schedule is wide open!

If I feel I'm unable to accomplish what you're going for - I'm happy to refund so you can find someone to better suit your projects. I'm confident in my skills, but I'm not good at everything!

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