Electric/Acoustic Pop/Rock guitar tracks for $75

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Electric/Acoustic Pop/Rock guitar tracks for $75

Guitar types: Acoustic - Steel String - Lowden F25, Ovation. Nylon String - G. V. Rubio
Electric - Stratocasters, Telecasters, Gibson Les Paul.
Amps - DeLisle (Vox type) Egnater, Blackstar, Peavey Classic 50, 1958 Bogen converted head. Various speaker cabinets with Scumback speakers.
I use dynamic, ribbon and condenser microphones as well as provide direct recorded tracks for reamping if requested. A variety of effects including Eventide H9, T.C. Electronic delays.
I use Logic Pro 9 and 10 (and Reaper).
Interface: RME Fireface.
I will send tracks in any specified Sample rate/Bit depth.
I have recorded many productions and demos for hire over the years. I also have several solo albums out.

This service is for one song with up to 5 tracks (can be divided in rhythm or lead parts) with one revision. Each part will constitute a track and will be edited before I send them to you. If you prefer to comp them yourself I will send 3 takes for any lead track, but not for rhythm tracks which will be pre-edited.

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