I will record a great dobro slide or banjo track for $180

In Guitar 100% Guarantee By Toby Wilson

I will record a great dobro slide or banjo track for $180

I am a performing musician based in the UK. I have a professional home studio and have been recording and performing live in the UK, Europe and Canada for over 30 years. I have supplied dobro tracks to many artists in many countries. I take time to listen to the subtle nuances and arrangements of tracks, identifying what I call the 'killer cadences' where a heart melting dobro lick can just add the extra sparkle to a track. As part of the deal I will supply six tracks - I will supply the dobro track as a bare, unprocessed wav file as well as a mixdown of the dobro track alongside the guide track that you send to me. I'll also send the processed dobro track (usually just a tad of reverb EQ and compression). I'll also send you MP3 versions of the same files. I will add a click 'count in' at the start to make it easy for you to sync the tracks.

So - you send me an MP3 of your track and any info that you'd like to add regarding the style of the track and I'll do the rest. The gig is for a dobro track for a song no more than 5 minutes in length. If you would like to check me out you can search for the dobro doctor or see videos by searching for 'Breeze and Wilson'.

Just Another Day

Dobro & Pedal Steel Supplied
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