Electric // Acoustic // Bass guitar tracks for $100

In Guitar 100% Guarantee By Lava Sound Studios

Electric // Acoustic // Bass guitar tracks for $100

Professional guitar tracking in a wide range of genres.

Lava Sound Studios is a full-service, state-of-the-art recording studio.  We work with a myriad of commercial, private, and independent clients.  Specializing in music production, location sound, commercial score and sound design. As well as tracking, engineering and producing projects and sessions for bands and solo artists.
Our team has years of experience, yet is able to stay on the cutting edge of new techniques and technologies. 
Our client list includes artists and companies such as NASA, HP, Walmart, McDonald’s, ESPN, Food Network, Pepsi, Fox, Microsoft, Carhartt, Capitol Music Group, Veggie Tales, Willy Echo, We Are Messengers and many others.

Whatever your project, we have the team, the ability, and the drive to meet your recording and production needs.


⁃AMS Neve 1073 pres
⁃Empirical Labs Distressors w/ Brit Mod
⁃UAD Apollo 8p
⁃Warm Audio WA-76
⁃Warm Audio WA-2A

⁃Neumann u87ai
⁃Neumann TLM103
⁃AKG C414
⁃Telefunken M Drum Mic Kit
⁃AEA R88
⁃Soyuz 013M
⁃Soyuz 017 Tube
⁃Peluso 22 251
⁃Peluso 22 47
⁃Placid Audio Copperphone
⁃Sure SM57s
⁃Sure SM7B
⁃Shure SM58

-Fender Highway One Telecaster
-Fender Roadhouse Deluxe Stratocaster
-Reverend Buckshot
-Reverend Pete Anderson Nashville Telecaster
-Fender Mustang Bass
-Fender Jaguar Bass
-Sterling Sub 4

Everything or Nothing - Willyecho

  • Everything or Nothing - Willyecho
  • Monster - Willyecho
  • Dreamed of This - Nasa Score
  • Echo - Qinn
  • We Are Nasa - Nasa Score

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